Thursday, June 7, 2012

Taking Off

This little boy of mine is only two for a few more weeks.  Two still sounds like a baby, but three sounds like a toddler.  An independent toddler.  He is really taking off in many ways lately.  His vocabulary is multiplying by the minute.  He is more thoughtful in his questions and answers, and he uses lots of cute inflections and funny facial expressions.  He is a hoot!

He is starting to play more independently and for longer periods of time.  This is helpful when I need to get some work done.  Right now we have his train table set up in the open space between our living room and kitchen areas.  While I am cooking dinner or cleaning up the breakfast dishes, he is usually right there puttering around with his trains.  Today he was holding a train in each hand, and I could hear them having a conversation with each other.  It went something like this:

Red Train, "Hi Train!  Are you stinky?"
Blue Train, "Yes, I poo pooed in my diaper."
Red Train, "You are stinky!"
Blue Train, "I need to poo poo in the potty."

It was pretty funny.  And speaking of bathroom words, we are so very close to potty training.  I have had to be patient with this boy because my girls were potty trained by this age.  I know it is something you can't force upon a child, but I am really getting tired of buying diapers and wiping a poopy bottom!  We're still not there yet, but in the past week he has told me every single time he "is stinky" and wants his diaper changed immediately.  And twice he has come running up to me half naked, holding a wet diaper, saying, "It was too soggy, Momma!"  He is starting to recognize that having a dirty diaper is not comfortable! Up until now, it didn't bother him one bit.  Progress!

Overall, I can see great strides being taken in all areas of his life.  He is such a smart, sweet little boy.  I find myself staring at him so I can capture this phase in his life in my mind.  Because I know all too well how fast the time flies.


Maria Rose said...

Oh isn't it so bittersweet?! All that progress is reassuring that we are doing things right, but it is so hard to let go.

affectioknit said...

What a cutie-pie!

~Have a lovely weekend!