Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer So Far

We have officially be on summer break for 19 days, and it has already been jam packed with fun. After our little vacation to Texas, the girls went to Theater Camp at the Oklahoma Children's Theater Company.  They had an absolute blast there too.  Together with their group, they wrote a play, auditioned for parts, and created costumes.  Then they rehearsed, played games, and learned silly songs.  Every day that I picked them up they had so much to tell me. On Friday we got to attend their performance and I have to say I beamed with pride as my little girls went all out saying their lines.  They both had a lot of expression in their voices and on their faces.
Leah and Hannah (a.k.a. Princess Kaitlyn and Princess Buttercup)

This week they have been attending Vacation Bible School at our neighbor's church.  Not only do they get to do the typical fun VBS activities like crafts, games, stories, and songs, but they also get to go fishing and canoeing in the creek that runs back behind the church.  How fun is that?  Tonight Leah was in the bathtub and I could hear her singing "Our God is an Awesome God." I love that she learned that song and is putting it deep into her heart.
 Hannah working on her craft at VBS

Leah ready to get in her canoe

In addition to those things, we have been loving our new library that opened up on May 22nd.  We desperately needed a Northwest area library and we finally have an amazing facility that is literally five minutes from my house.  I can't even tell you how wonderful it is to walk into a clean, modern new building with ALL NEW BOOKS!  Do you know how much the smell and feel of brand new books thrills me?  And the kid area is just wonderful with lots of games and computers and of course books.  I love all the outdoor patio areas and plan to use them soon.  We got all the kids signed up for the summer reading program and look forward to going back there often.
 The new Northwest Library books.

I hope your summer has started off with a bang too!

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Maria Rose said...

We are enjoying regular visits to the library as well. I find it is nice to get new books and then, after reading them a zillion times, getting them out of our house!