Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday Night in the City

I love easy summer Sunday nights.  Here's a glimpse into what our family did this last Sunday.
 Downtown Sprayground
 My beautiful Leah (with a tattoo on her face)
 Lucas waiting for water 
 Hannah gracefully jumping across the word "Grow" at the Children's Garden
 Lucas conquering the slide
 Me watching and observing
 The new Devon Tower behind us
 Me and my boy.  My new favorite picture of us.
 Posing for Dad
Hannah resting and pondering what to do next.

If you haven't visited the new Children's Garden and sprayground in downtown OKC, you are missing out!  And Sunday nights there are free outdoor concerts starting at 7:30.  

Now go explore your city!


Hello There Tracy:) said...

Wow! There are some BEAUTIFUL shots of you guys. What a wonderful day! What a wonderful family!

Maria Rose said...

Great photos as a reminder of what looked to be a greAt night!

Jacquelyn said...

Fun! Let me know the next time you come downtown, I'm almost always at Wayne's and could meet you guys :)

Rachel said...

what a wonderful place!! and the pics are great. are they hipstamatic? you are doing great!

Emily said...

Thanks for the compliments! Mike took all of the pictures for this post. I am still a terrible photographer.