Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rainy Day Watercolors

Last Thursday we woke up to a very wet, rainy day.  The steady plunk of raindrops hitting our windows and roof were the metronome keeping the beat for the rhythm of our day.  The kids and I made a list of rainy day activities and tried to check off as many as we possibly could.  Playing in the rain topped the list, so we headed out in our pajamas and played until we were soaking wet (and by "we" I mean the kids, not me).  They ran and splashed and jumped and laughed and cartwheeled until a loud clap of thunder brought them running inside.  After drying off, we read some books, then moved on to a third activity:  painting.  Inspired by the book Swimmy by Leo Lionni, we brought out the watercolors.  The girls chose an ocean theme while Lucas went for a more abstract look. They had so much fun just letting their imaginations run wild.

Our painting inspiration
Getting Started

Hannah and Lucas painting away

Later we made cookies and watched a movie and ate popcorn.  Check, check, check.  We had a lot of fun checking off our rainy day activities!


Rachel said...

You know me, I love a good rainy day...especially when it has thunder and lightening!! is that a huge piece of paper under it all to protect the table?

Emily said...

Yes it is. Whenever I go to IKEA, they sell paper in big rolls for $7.99 and I always grab a few. We use them all the time!