Monday, June 25, 2012

Reading to Dogs

I have decided with the new library open so close to my house, I am going to take advantage of all the wonderful, FREE programs offered there that I can.  I love story time, preschool aerobics, music & movement, and the great reading programs offered.  We've always loved and used the public library, but now that one is right around the corner, we are there just about every other day it seems.  Tonight we decided to take advantage of a new program. When I read about it I just knew we had to do it.  It's called "Children Reading to Dogs."  Licensed therapy dogs are brought in for children to sit and read to.  It's geared toward hesitant readers, but really who doesn't want to read to a dog?  And any reading is good reading in my book.  So the kids and I headed out right before dinner to get in line and read to a dog.  They were so excited.

 Hannah reading to Abby, the therapy dog.  Lucas got to sit and listen in too. 
When they were done, they got to feed Abby a treat.
Leah reading to Abby.  That dog was so sweet and so well behaved.  
The kids loved reading to her, and especially loved getting to pet her when they were done.

Just thought I'd share about such a neat idea!


Kristin said...

I want to do that! It looks fun! Hey, is your library "green?" Some of my co-workers went to a new library for a conference they went to about "green" things (good for the environment) and it sounded like it was close to you, when they described the location.

Emily said...

Yes, it's the new Northwest Library on NW 122nd and MacArthur. I don't know officially how "green" it is, but just by judging on the materials used to build it, I would say that it is. It is very nice, so you'll have to come check it out!