Friday, June 1, 2012

80's Night Pics: A Week Late

As promised a week ago today, here are some pictures from our friend's 80's/Michael Jackson themed birthday party last Friday night.  Enjoy.
 Mike and Me after our red carpet entrance.
Mike came as Michael Jackson's son, Blanket while I opted for a generic 1980's band groupie look.
Yes, Mike is wearing an adult diaper.  He goes all out for the sake of a good costume.
The Birthday Boy himself.
Our friend Reed went for the "Michael Jackson going to court in a blazer and pajama jeans look".

 Me and MJ.  Not sure if this is before or after his hair caught on fire.
 Me and Nikki  (a.k.a Brooke Shields and her big 80's brows) ready to karaoke.  We sang many songs including "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", "Like a Virgin", "Come On, Eileen" and "Pour Some Sugar on Me".  I don't expect any record deals in our near future.

 Blanket.  Uncovered.
 Presenting Dr. Conrad Murray (with his propofol injection) and 1970's Michael.
That's just milk in the syringe in case anyone is worried.
Nikki and our awesome friend Tanda.  Check out Tanda's awesome gloves (which she made out of her daughter's socks!)

A fun night was had by all. :)


Maria Rose said...


Rachel said...

ah man, looks like so much fun!! i want to come to your 80's party and belt out lyrics to some much loved songs!! mike's look...always interesting. and i have to say, his legs are super skinny. did not realize that was him next to you! =)

Emily said...

It was fun! I just realized I said awesome about ten times in this post. Like totally.

Jacquelyn said...

So cute!!