Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Epic Day

Our Saturday started with our family's favorite breakfast of homemade waffles.  Not only do they taste good, but they make the whole house smell like a bakery.  While I cleaned up the kitchen, Mike went about the task of setting up the big blue inflatable water slide for its inaugural summer run.  This will be the third (and probably final) summer for the slide.  We have definitely gotten our money's worth with that thing.  As the slide was being cleaned off and set up, the kids were running around cheering and "yahoo-ing" in a frenzied state of euphoria.  Once it was ready and their bathing suits were on, they headed out into the already blazing hot day to play in the water.  The rest of the morning was spent alternating between the slide and trampoline until they all came in tired and hungry for lunch.  

After lunch, we decided to head back to the OKC Zoo for an afternoon of family fun (we have a family pass, so we're taking advantage of it!).  Mike wasn't able to go to the zoo last time, and the kids are always game for an trip, so off we went.  The zoo is really so big that unless you spent an entire day from open to close, you couldn't really see everything.  This time we hit the places we didn't get to see last time.  Places like the aquarium, the herpatorium, the new elephant habitat, the Children's Zoo (where they once again played in the water), and the Carousel.  Even though the temps reached 97 degrees, the zoo was shaded and the slight breeze cooled us off enough.  And surprisingly, it wasn't crowded today.  The kids behaved themselves and we had a great time.

Later, as we were eating dinner, Leah asked me, "Mom, what does 'epic' mean?"  I said, "It means something really, really good."  She replied, "Well, today has been an epic day!"  

I'm so glad that we are creating "epic" memories together as a family.

 Leah by the water mister at the zoo.
 Hannah by the mister.  I could not get them to pose together to save my life!
Me unsuccessfully trying to get the elephants in the background. 


Maria Rose said...

Oh very fun!

Susan Struck said...

I love that she called it an epic day...priceless!