Saturday, May 12, 2012

We're Weird Sometimes

A typical evening in the Galloway house

Here's a glimpse into our evening:  We were in that awkward time that falls between dinner and bedtime.  The girls were busy playing in their room, and Lucas had begged for Mommy and Daddy to come hang out in his room.  While he happily ran around, chatting and playing, Mike and I decided to do the logical thing and have an ugly face contest.  The rules were simple.  Each of us had to take a photo making the most ridiculous, ugly face we could manage.  Then we were going to text each other the results and have a good laugh about it.  So here I am working on my crazy face while Mike decided to just take a picture of him squishing my head. Even though he "cheated" it was still funny.  Sometimes we're weird, but I love my weird family!

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Maria Rose said...

Oh sounds so familiar. I like to send Eric unflattering (bug eyes, no neck, teeth blacked out) photos of myself while he is at work. I think it must be a sign of a good marriage.