Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad and his three biggest fans.
We went to my aunt Lindell's house this evening to celebrate and have some cake!

Today we celebrated my dad's birthday.  I can't stress enough how much I love and appreciate my dad.  This year has been a hard year for us as a family.  He has had to learn to live alone after 41 years of marriage to my mom.  It hasn't been easy, but he has handled it with strength, courage and grace.  He is such a wonderful, gentle, and fun PaPa to my kids and a great role model of hard work and a kind, generous soul.  We think you are the bees knees, Dad!!

In honor of my Dad, here are a few fun facts that you may or may not know about him:
* He tells the best stories.  Some of our favorites over the years have been the RIP story (about his favorite horse growing up) and all of his wonderful bird dog stories.  He really needs to write a book about growing up on the farm.
* He is on his way to becoming a master level bridge player.  Currently he plays bridge at a local club a few nights a week, and plays in many tournaments as well.  Whenever he delves into a new hobby, he aims to be very successful at it.  In the past he has also played in many chess tournaments as well.  He is not easy to beat at that game either.  Believe me, I know!
* He ran the Boston Marathon.  That alone is pretty amazing, but he ran many other marathons as well.  His best marathon time was 2:55:07.  For. Real.
* He is one of the smartest people I know.  His degree is in mathematics, and he was an engineer for over thirty years.  But he is not just smart in one area.  He knows a lot about history, politics, current events, and even poetry.  He also challenges himself to commit to memory different things.  One time he memorized all of the presidents and vice presidents in order.  He also has committed to memory many poems and can recite them still today (especially Robert Burns and Robert Frost)!
* He is generous.  Not just with his resources, but with his time.  He is always willing to help me out whether it is babysitting my kids or helping me plant new flowers in my garden.  He doesn't complain, and is there when you need him.
* He never met a vegetable he didn't like. Most of the meals he makes at home are strictly vegetarian.  He especially likes turnip greens and gets them every time we go to Luby's for dinner (one of his favorite places due to the vegetable selection).  He also has a baking claim to fame-- whole wheat cinnamon rolls.  They are the best and they are a mandatory item on the breakfast table every Christmas.

What a gift to have him as my dad.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


The Life of a River said...

I love you Dad! He is such a sweetheart and such a wonderful grandfather. I didn't know he played Bridge. My mom is a pretty snazzy Bridge player herself. I always love talking to your dad and hearing stories about things I never knew before. He is such a great guy. t:)

The Life of a River said...

oppps that was Tracy, I didn't know I was signed in as River, sorry about that, it happens ALL THE TIME as she uses my computer.