Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Few New Things

We have been working on a few new pieces to hang on the wall in our hallway, and this weekend we finally got them hung! I love the way they turned out too.  The framed ABC's are really special to me because my mom did all the intricate needlepoint while she was pregnant with me.  They proudly hung in my nursery when I was a baby and even into my toddler years a bit.  Eventually, they ended up in the attic where last summer I rescued them.  We spray painted the old avocado green frame with a crisp coat of white, and the ABC's were ready to hang.  

The silhouette's on either side were done by an amazing artist last summer in South Dakota. Mike carefully cut them off the original paper and framed them with a simple gray background.  The one on the left is Leah an the one on the right is Hannah.  (Sorry the photo quality is not that great). Hung all together, I really like the whimsical, innocent vibe they have brought to the hallway that leads to our children's bedrooms.

And I love that I was able to bring something specifically made by my mom into our home as well.  When I walk down the hall, I glance at it and see a little bit of her in our home.


Maria Rose said...

Very cool!

Victoria said...

These look great Emily, nicely done!

Rachel said...

looks wonderful! it's encouraging to me to see you continuing to add to your home. it reminds me not everything is done all at once. i know one day these bare walls won't be so bare anymore!