Monday, May 21, 2012

Teaching Days

My Sixth Grade Team
L to R: Ms. Howell (Science), Mrs. Shockey (Reading), Mrs. Galloway (Language Arts), Mrs. Swinford (Math), and Ms. Wichert (Social Studies)

Tonight I had the privilege of attending a retirement reception for one of the amazing teachers I worked with during my eight years at Piedmont Middle School.  It was so nice to honor a woman who has dedicated several decades to lovingly teaching children.  She not only inspired her kids, but she inspired her coworkers as well.  I saw what real dedication and "going above and beyond" looks like.  She truly loved and cared about each student's success.  It was neat to see so many teachers, administrators and former students come out and celebrate her retirement this evening.

It was also fun for me to get together with my old sixth grade "crew."  As any teacher knows, one of the only ways you survive being "in the trenches" is by having a team that you trust and respect, a team that works well together.  This was true from day one with us.  I was so blessed to have a terrific teaching team around me.  We spent literally hundreds of days together, through thick and thin.  I can remember countless lunch breaks where we sat together laughing (and sometimes crying) over the joys and trials of teaching.  Sixth graders can be both challenging and hilarious.  We lesson planned together, took field trips together, wrote grants together, and discussed discipline together.  Not only that, but we were also able to be there for each other on a personal level.  Through dating stress, births of children, divorce, battles with our own children, moving, etc.:  we were all shoulders to cry on.  There is something very comforting in working with people you respect and love.

It almost made me want to go back to work. Almost.  For now, I am very content to stay home and teach my three favorite students ever. :)

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Maria Rose said...

I think that is says a lot that you are still in each others lives after such a long time.