Friday, May 18, 2012

Last Day of First Grade

Today was the girls' last day of school.  The last day of first grade!  People always talk about how fast time flies with children, and now I understand that.  It feels like we just started school last week.  How is it possible that a whole year (really just nine months) of life has happened so quickly!?  The girls were so excited when they burst through the door this afternoon.  We tore off the last page of our summer countdown calendar and then all had a little dance party complete with cheering and fist pumping. Then they headed outside for a celebratory jump on the trampoline.  To do something special on this first night of summer break, the girls invited a friend over for a sleepover. As soon as she arrived at our house, the three of them have been busy in their room, totally engrossed in play.  They are being really nice to let Lucas in on the playtime as well.  The plan is to order pizza, watch a movie and then in the morning take a walk at Martin Nature Center.  Should be fun. 
Leah and Hannah, I am so proud of you.  You worked hard and did your best this year.  You were good friends to your classmates, and you learned a lot.  I love you, my sweet second graders!!

 Outside of our house this morning before school  
The girls have started suggesting poses when I take pictures.  This morning, Hannah said, "Take a picture of us smelling the flowers, Mom.  That will be cute!"
So here she is doing just that! 
 Leah's "stop and smell the flowers" pose. :)

In unrelated news....
While the girls watch their movie tonight, I will have the TV in our bedroom tuned in to watch Game 3 of the NBA playoffs between the OKC Thunder and LA Lakers.  Who knew having a professional basketball team in our city would turn me into such a big fan?!  Go Thunder! Beat LA!

Oh yeah, and THUNDER UP!


Jasmine said...

Cute pictures! Maybe there's a photographer in your midst :-)
My hubby thinks OKC will go all the way... I'm still rooting for the Heat!

Maria Rose said...

Such lovely girls! I remember how fun the first day of summer was. Cool that you are making it extra special!