Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Picture and a Memory

I have been going through a lot of photos lately.  Sometimes I find one and can't really even remember when or where the picture was taken.  I'll look at it and struggle to remember anything about the day of the week or the weather or anything specific about that particular photograph.  Then there are other pictures where I can actually remember all the details.  It is as I can close my eyes and almost feel that day again.  That happened to me this weekend when I came across this picture.  Here's what I remember: My mom and I were at  Orr Family Farm.  My cousin's little boy was celebrating his birthday there, so we took the girls to enjoy the festivities. It was 2007 and my girls were two and a half.  It was a brutally hot June afternoon.  I remember they had pony rides for the kids.  Leah hopped right on while Hannah cried and clung to my mom.  This picture was taken on the train ride around the farm property.  My cousin Deborah snapped it before we took off.  I remember the train slowly snaked its way around the farm, moving fast enough to feel a welcome breeze, but slow enough that we could take a deep breath and enjoy the day.  The girls' thick brown hair would gently fly up and tickle my chin.  I remember feeling very content.  I remember feeling grateful for my mom's help.  

Funny what you can remember by looking at a simple photo.