Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trip to Graham: Day 3 and A Trip Down Memory Lane

Before I tell you about our third day in Graham, I thought I would take you on a slight detour down memory lane.  Yesterday I mentioned my "oldest" friend, Shauna.  I thought you might like to see a little bit of our history together.  And as a bonus, you will see a wide variety of clothing styles in the process! 
Shauna and me in the Brazos River
First lemonade stand!
The morning of my 10th birthday
February 1987
(I am holding Lucky, my very favorite cat ever)
Dance Recital
The day before I moved to Oklahoma
Reading Partners!
Firemen's Park
Trip to Colorado
Summer 1988
(Love my french rolled jeans and awful bangs)

And there are many, many more photos I could have shared! Now you can see a little bit of the history behind the friendship.  
On to day three....

On our last day in Graham, I wanted to take my kids to Firemen's Park.  This park might be the single most vivid place in my memory.  I spent countless hours playing at this shady place.  I played on the playground equipment, took walks, fed the ducks at the pond, crossed the "swinging bridge", slid down the clown slide, and climbed the "picture tree".  Today the playground equipment has been updated, the clown slide is no longer there, but many things are still the same.  The trees are even bigger and shadier, the swinging bridge is still swinging away and our picture tree was ready to climb.  We had such a great morning there.
At Firemen's Park 
 Lucas feeding the ducks
The Picture Tree
 My children obviously need more tree climbing experience.  Look at the terror on their faces. Really, we were not that high up.
About to cross the swinging bridge
 Me, Shauna, and Shauna's mom Janice
Hooray for family!

After a few hours at the park, we met up with Shauna's dad for lunch, then we hit the road and headed back to Oklahoma City.  It was a quiet ride home...

even for Spiderman.


Rachel said...

i have the exact same pink and purple tank top from old navy! =)

Maria Rose said...

I think you and I were hair twins in the 80s!

What a great trip and how wonderful that you were able to maintain this precious friendship for a lifetime!

Susan Struck said...

Ah, that is so heart-warming!

Shauna said...

I love seeing those old pictures of us!