Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Right Now

Right now life is all around me, happening too fast, and I want to remember the details.

Right now, Leah:
* You are reading like crazy. Your teacher thinks it is because you got glasses, but you have really taken off and you read all the time.  You love American Girl books and we are planning on reading the Little House on the Prairie books this summer.
* You are obsessed with baking cupcakes and want to open your own bakery one day with Hannah.  You draw pictures of your cupcake ideas, you talk to me about what to name your bakery (among the contenders are "Bananas and Bees Bakery" and "Cupcake Crusaders"), and you love to watch Cupcake Wars on Sunday night. 
* You play so well with your brother.  You happily and cheerfully go outside and kick the ball to him countless times and you are always up for a game of "tag you're it."  The relationship between you guys makes my heart swell in gratitude.
* You want to take tap dancing lessons.  At least this week.  Last week it was gymnastics, and the week before it was cheerleading.  Whatever you decide on, I know you will work at it with all your heart.  You are an "all in" kind of girl.  

Right now, Hannah:
* You are thoughtful and inquisitive. You love to have conversations with me about life and friendships and family.  Sometimes when I am talking with you, I forget that you are only seven, and feel like I am talking to someone much older.  You are wise for your years.
* You love a good mystery and can figure things out very quickly.  You have this amazing way of putting pieces together and coming up with a solution.  You are good at math and science and have a desire to figure things out.  I sometimes think I can see the wheels turning in your head.
* You love to draw.  And you are good at it! Your favorite thing to do right now is make your own comic strips.  You not only draw them well and with amazing expression, but you write the comics too.  They are really good! 
* You want to take piano lessons in the fall.  I know you will work hard, and I know you will get frustrated (you are a bit impatient like me), but I know you will succeed.  You also love to run.  When you run, it is graceful and agile and fast.  I think I see track in your future.  At least, if you want to, that is. I love watching you become your own amazing little person.

Right now, Lucas:
* You love to read books.  A favorite of yours is Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin.  We read together every single day, and recently you have started using your finger to point to the words and say some of them along with me.  I hope to foster a love of books within your heart.
* You are so silly! Yesterday you told me to take my ponytail out because it was "too dangerous."  Today when you were calling for me you said, "Mom! Mom! Emily!!"  And you are a master of funny faces.  You have so much expression!
* You still love to kick a ball.  Preferably a soccer ball, but any ball will do.  You have a natural ability (and the coordination) to drop kick the ball, dribble, and kick while running.  It is amazing! And you would do it all day if I let you.
* You can count to ten, sing your ABC's, and you know your shapes and colors.  You love Spiderman and Star Wars, and your face absolutely lights up when Daddy comes home from work.  And you love to have family hugs.  I hope you know how special you are!

Right now I wouldn't change a thing about any of you because you are exactly who God made you to be. 


Rachel said...

I love this. How special those three are!!!

affectioknit said...

What sweet words...to cherish!

Have a lovely day!

Victoria said...

What a darling photo of your three sweethearts!