Monday, April 23, 2012

In My Garden

This afternoon, Lucas and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent a lot of our time outside. So many things are blooming right now, and the world is so green and vibrant, how could we not be outside?
 Lucas and I sitting on the front porch counting butterflies.  We have a ton flitting around our garden these days.  Maybe mating season?
 My princess lilies are blooming.  I think they have such dainty, delicate flowers. My friend Teresa came and planted several princess lilies in my front flowerbed the day before my mom's funeral. She also weeded and added mulch and planted some flowerpots too.  What a blessing it was.
My first roses are in full bloom too.  My sweet friend, LeAnn, brought me this plant after my mom passed away.  My mom loved this soft pink color, and it reminds me of how beautiful she was.

I love how my garden reminds me of so many things:  new life, growth, friendships, and even my mom.