Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bunny Cake

Check out our dessert this evening! My friend Beth made this cute bunny cake for our church small group tonight. A few of us decided to watch other people cut off pieces of cake and depending on the part taken, we tried to decide what that said about their personality.

For example, one of our friends took the bunny ear. We determined this must mean she is a good listener. Another person took the bunny's foot, so we thought she must like to serve others. Mike went straight for the heart area, and he does wear his emotions on his sleeve, so that fit. Lastly, we watched our friend Reed take the bunny tail. Hmmmm.....what do you say about someone who takes the rear end. I'm not sure, but we had a few laughs about it.


Victoria said...

Bunny cake psychology, love it! Have a lovely Easter.

Rachel said...

it seems oddly appropriate that Reed took the hiney!!