Thursday, April 26, 2012


My favorite color:  robin's egg blue

My kids and I like to play a game we made up called "the favorite game".  We simply go around and ask each other, "What is your favorite (fill in the blank)?" Or sometimes we switch it up and ask for a person's "least favorite (fill in the blank)."  It's a go to game for waiting in restaurants, long rides in the car, etc.  That along with other classics like "I Spy" and "20 Questions."  It is interesting how my answers to most of the favorite questions rarely ever change.  I guess I've come to an age where I know what I like. Favorite color: Robin's egg blue.  Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption.  Favorite fruit: pineapple. Favorite sound: the wind blowing through trees. Favorite dessert: blueberry walnut cake. Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird. Favorite smell: freshly baked bread. Favorite season: summer. Least favorite vegetable: asparagus. These are just the facts, people!

My kids' answers, however, vary from day to day.  Leah went on a long stretch where yellow was her favorite color.  Now, she has switched to purple and she's sticking to it (for now).  Hannah's favorite book was Little Bear but then she discovered books by Robert Munsch and now she's totally into Moira's Birthday and The Paperbag Princess.  Their favorite things are still in the development phase.  They are learning and exploring and changing, so their answers will change too.  They are slowly defining what they like and don't like, and I find it so very fascinating to watch them in this process.

So, let's play the favorite game!  In the comments, tell me some of your favorites.  Here's the list I used above:

Favorite color:
Favorite movie:
Favorite fruit:
Favorite sound:
Favorite dessert:
Favorite book:
Favorite smell:
Favorite season:
Least favorite vegetable:

*Feel free to add some more!


Anonymous said...

Love your Blog. Yesterday's post really spoke to me too!

Favorite color: Red
Favorite movie: Baby Boom
Favorite fruit: Watermelon
Favorite sound: Rain Falling
Favorite dessert: Chocolate Lava Cake
Favorite book: Prince of Tides
Favorite smell: Lilacs
Favorite season: Fall
Least favorite vegetable: Beets


Maria Rose said...

Favorite color: Green
Favorite movie: The Princess Bride
Favorite fruit: Pineapple
Favorite sound: My girl (soon to be girls) voice
Favorite dessert: Chocolate chip cookie
Favorite book: Chronicles of Narnia
Favorite smell: right now it is lilacs
Favorite season: SPRING
Least favorite vegetable: Green Beans, for realz!

Rachel said...

Favorite color: green
Favorite movie: the Breakfast Club
Favorite fruit: mango
Favorite sound: heavy rain
Favorite dessert: anything containing chocolate
Favorite book: i don't think i have one
Favorite smell: the wintery wood smell, hard to explain but you only get it in cooler weather
Favorite season: fall
Least favorite vegetable: eggplant

Emily said...

Love these! Keep them coming! :)

Hello There Tracy:) said...

color: Deep cranberry red
Movie: Nacho Libre!
Fruit: Banannas
Sound: Leaves rustling in wind
Dessert: Brownies
Book: The History of the World
Smell: Coconut
Season: Summer
Least Fav. Vegetable: Leeks