Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Lately I am.....
:: Enjoying the beautiful spring weather we have had this week.  It has been glorious and we have been outside a lot.

 ::Trying to eat healthier.  I made this vegan dish today at lunch.  I followed my friend Maria's recipe which you can find here. I didn't use asparagus, and added spinach instead.  It was delicious!
 ::Watching this girl fall in love with reading. This is what she does everyday as soon as she gets home from school. 
 ::Reading the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy.  I really enjoyed the first book and finally saw the movie last weekend.  I'm about a quarter of the way through this one and I am turning the pages as fast as I can.
::Listening to "My Room in the Trees" by The Innocence Mission.  I love anything this band puts out, but I am particularly loving this latest album.  Makes me want to drop whatever I'm doing and just close my eyes and soak each note in. 

What have you been up to lately?


Tanda said...

Love the self portrait! Thinking of you lots in the coming week.

Rachel said...

Love your earrings in the first picture!! Your lunch looks so very delicious! I'm impressed you went all out for lunch; I don't always have the patience as I'm always hungry! =)

Susan Struck said...

That first photo of you... so beautiful!

Emily said...

Thanks for the kind words! :)