Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A New Game

Lucas and I created a new game yesterday. It is the real life version of Angry Birds, a game he likes to play on my phone when he is allowed to.

Here's what we did: First we used our wooden blocks to build some tall towers/buildings. Then we located three small stuffed birds from the girls' stuffed animal bucket. Finally we stood back, took aim, and threw the birds into the blocks, knocking them over.

The whole thing is pretty simple, really, but a lot of fun. We played all day today and I heard several exclamations of, "Yes!!" and "I did it!!" as Lucas successfully toppled the block towers.

Who needs the video game version when you can have the real thing?!


Ashley said...

I'm impressed. I would be so done with that game after having to rebuild it once. Great idea, though. You have a LOT of patience. :)

Joe and Talsie said...

Love it! We do something similar. M builds the building and J is the "angry" J-bird that knocks it down. Its fun for a while but then results in screaming and fighting...