Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Yesterday was my first major holiday to get through without my mom.  I thought I would be teary and sad all day, but instead I felt truly grateful for my family and for what we have been blessed with.  I know that in a heartbeat, life could be over and none of our "stuff" really matters.  I am so thankful that I had thirty-four wonderful years with my mom.  And I am so thankful I have my sweet husband, my three healthy children, and my awesome Dad left to share life with.

We spent the day at my dad's sister's house. My Aunt Shirley is a phenomenal cook.  She truly outdid herself cooking an incredible feast for 22 people!  We had a houseful!  I love spending time with my cousins, their spouses and their children.  My girls have a blast there.  Only one minor incident occurred when Lucas threw a three pound weight down the stairs which eventually crashed into a plate of glass on a cabinet at the bottom.  It shattered an nearly scared me to death because I wasn't sure what had fallen.  I was praying it wasn't Lucas himself, and was thankful to see the silly barbell on the floor.  But then I realized that he had smashed the glass from an antique, and felt horrible.  My aunt was incredibly gracious and told me not to worry about it, but we plan on sending them some money to help cover the cost of replacing it.  Oops.

Hannah and me post meal.  I managed to get her to sit still long enough to snap a picture.  While all the adults lazed around the living room after the meal, all the kids ran and played all day long!
Most of the fun was had outside in the leaves.  Who doesn't love a good leaf pile!?
Papa and Lucas raking the leaves

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Maria Rose said...

SO glad to hear that you had a great day (with the one exception). I was thinking about you and your family.