Sunday, November 27, 2011

Free Christmas Entertainment

The best entertainment during the holidays is simply driving around looking at Christmas lights.  My kids love it and it's free!  Well, I guess if you take into account the gas you are using while driving around, and factor in the minimal wear and tear on your car then technically it is not "free", but you get the idea.  Free as in "no admission charge"! :)  We like to find a neighborhood and then pretend to be judges giving out awards for different things like "most lights" or "most colorful" or "favorite Christmas scene," etc. Lucas is really into the lights this year for the first time.  He kept yelling out colors as we drove by and would say, "More Christmas Yights!"

There are a few neighborhoods around the city where the entire street lights up and flashes along with music.  Other neighborhoods have enormous houses with elaborately decorated displays.  Some businesses even get into the action and decorate their campuses. And there are plenty of parks to drive through with all kinds of scenes to look at from traditional nativity scenes to Santa and his sleigh.  The best thing to do is to get the kids all dressed and ready for bed, then head out in our pajamas.  Usually they fall asleep and we simply drive home and place them in their cozy, warm beds.

Saturday night we had met up with my dad for dinner, so afterwards we headed over to Chesapeake Energy's campus to see their famous trees in all their colorful glory.
 Whizzing past the trees
Stopping for a closer look

Do you love to drive around and look at lights?

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Rachel said...

We love to drive around and look at lights!! We have a few close neighborhoods with big houses that are just beautiful to look at! By the way, I like your whizzing by the tree lights pictures.