Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Western Vacation Recap:: Day Two

Day Two started off with the large open spaces of West Texas and ended in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  After breakfast we loaded up in our rockin mini-vans and within a few hours the landscape started to change.  Little hills popped up at first, then they grew bigger and bigger.  The girls kept exclaiming, "Look at that mountain!"  It was impressive to us Okies who are in the middle of the flatlands.

Our first stop was Colorado Springs.  We arrived just as a storm passed through bringing with it wind, rain, lightning, and much cooler temperatures. Watching the clouds churn and boil over the mountains was quite a sight.  We rolled down our windows (before the rain became too heavy) and breathed in the clean scent.  After a drive through the quaint downtown Colorado Springs area, the storm subsided and we headed up to explore the Garden of the Gods.
The storm rolling in

Driving through the amazing rock outcroppings.
Stopping to photograph a passing deer who ended up crossing the street right in front of us!
We eventually all got out and played for awhile.  The kids were in need of burning off some energy, so it was a welcome stop.

About an hour later, we finally arrived in Loveland at Nikki's Granny's house.  Her family warmly welcomed our crew.  There was plenty of room and we spent our first night eating pizza, playing in the backyard, and chatting around the dining room table until late into the evening.  Our vacation could now officially begin!


Paula McKinney said...

Sounds like fun, we love road trips! We went to Colorado last Fall, so beautiful there!


Maria Rose said...

Garden of the Gods is so beautiful isn't it?!