Monday, August 22, 2011


Our girls have been in first grade for eight days now.  And one thing that is already different from kindergarten is homework.  Their teacher said thirty minutes of homework per night (not including Fridays) is appropriate for first graders, and so far they are handling it just fine.  Each night the girls have a leveled book to read from, a math worksheet to work on, and spelling words to practice. 

We are still in the midst of getting into our new schedule, but so far they are getting their homework done without much trouble.  I will say that I have started to notice some different patterns in both girls.  Being twins, this is interesting to me.  Leah is not necessarily concerned with neatness.  Her papers tend to be wrinkled and her drawings erased over and over until the paper rips, but she is very creative and I love her ideas.  Hannah is very neat and methodical.  She takes her time to make things perfect.  Her papers stay crisp and looking new.  However, she is just as creative and unique in her ideas!  I love that both girls arrive at the same place, but just get there in different ways.

How did you handle homework?  Were you concerned with being neat and orderly or were your papers a disaster?  Did you do your homework right away or procrastinate until the last second? 


Maria Rose said...

Oh I was a terrible slob and things were always late or...more accurately, lost in my bedroom.

Emily said...

I think by nature, I was (still am?) a procrastinator. I wish it weren't true, but alas, I tend to do my best work under pressure. :)