Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day Success

Well, Hannah and Leah's first day of first grade was a success!  Despite a very rainy and windy start to the day, which meant inside recess, the first words out of their mouths this afternoon were...
Hannah, "We had a great day! I like first grade!"
Leah, "You're right, our teacher was really nice!"
Mike and Lucas and I met them at the bus stop this afternoon, and they came bounding down the bus steps with big smiles and arms open for a hug.  They said riding the bus was "very cool" and can't wait to do it again tomorrow.  They told me all about the reading center and the math center (which has Uno cards in it and that scores super high marks in their opinions!), and about going to art today, and seeing all their old friends from kindergarten.  Hannah forgot to eat her PB&J sandwich that I packed her because she said she was too busy saying "hi" to everyone. And Leah declared that their teacher even gave out stickers! Oh the things that matter to a six year old!   I am so glad they had a good first day!
Dressed and ready to go!  Lucas wanted in on the picture too.

Giving their best "cool first grader" pose.
Backpacks were locked and loaded

Standing outside of their classroom

Here's looking forward to a wonderful year!

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Rachel said...

such grown up girls they are!! auntie rae is super proud of them!