Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the Night Before First Grade

Hannah and Leah at Spaghetti Warehouse
Mike and I left Lucas with a babysitter yesterday afternoon so we could spend one last afternoon with our girls before school started.  We ate lunch and went bowling.  We loved every minute of it!

On the night before first grade, I want you to know that I am just as anxious and excited for you as you are yourselves.  I know you are both nervous about being in a new classroom, making new friends, and riding the bus home in the afternoons (for the first time!).  I know you will both settle in and be just fine, but I remember how the first day of school felt for me, so I understand your trepidation.

On the night before first grade, I am reflecting on how it is that six and a half years have flown by since that warm December afternoon that you both were born.  How on that day I became a mother, and now I'm sending my little birdies out of the nest for seven hours a day.  I will miss you girls, but I know you will be busy learning new things, drawing pictures, and playing games.

On the night before first grade, I prayed for God to protect you, guide you and comfort you when you need it.  I know you will both always try your best, but there will be times when you make mistakes or feel embarrassed.  I pray that God uses those times in your life to draw you closer to Him.  To learn and grow and become the young ladies our Father created you to be. 

On the night before first grade, I am so proud to be your mother.  Hannah and Leah you are both sensitive, compassionate, smart, creative, talented, and respectful little girls.  I love you both so much!  "To the moon and back," as we always say.

So on this night before first grade, sleep well, have sweet dreams, and I know you will both have a great day tomorrow!