Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dinner Party

Last night I attended a dinner party hosted by my friend Cathy who just so happens to be my "Motherless Daughters" support group leader.  We finished our book last Tuesday night, so we will no longer be meeting in that kind of setting, but all of us have bonded over the summer and plan to get together once a month for dinner.  Cathy and her husband live in a beautiful home in Edmond, and when we arrived, she had the dining room table set as if she were expecting very important guests-- china, glassware, salad forks, was all there.  She prepared a wonderful meal and we spent the next five hours lingering around the dinner table, talking, sharing, and laughing.  We only changed locations once when we moved from the formal dining room to the eat-in-kitchen area where dessert and cappuccinos were waiting for us.  It felt warm and cozy and so nice to be taken care of.
Our after dinner table
The dining room where we talked the night away
Therese, Metra, Renee, and Me; Cathy was taking the photo
We missed you Carolyn and Alice!

And throughout the entire eveing, Cathy's sweet dog, Bogart, made sure to keep us company. 


affectioknit said...

What a lovely evening spent with friends...

Maria Rose said...

They seem wonderful!