Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Western Vacation Recap:: Day Three/ Lucas Turns Two!

Day Three started off with a trip to the Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland, Colorado.  It was nice to be outside in temperatures under 100 degrees (It was 112 here in Oklahoma City today FYI! Blech!).  Loveland is a sculpture town with many beautiful designs gracing street corners, businesses, and parks.  Benson Sculpture Garden was not only beautifully landscaped with brightly colored flowers, ponds and walkways, but with dozens of fun sculptures as well.  We stopped to inspect just about all of them, and our kids really enjoyed checking them out too!
Checking out a very tall giraffe sculpture
Group shot with the bear sculpture
Leah carefully inspecting nature
Hannah and Papa

Inspired by all the sculptures, we started creating human sculptures of our very own.

 I call this one, "Girls Playing With Flowers"
While this has the more dramatic title,"Pensive Gaze While Clinging to Brick Column"

Afterwards, we went to another local park to enjoy a small train ride.  Lucas was thrilled to get on a "choo choo" and we couldn't beat the 50 cent ticket price either!  Then the rest of the day was devoted to this little boy.....

We celebrated our boy's second birthday with a swimming party, cookout, cake, and presents.  Just the sort party this laid-back sweet boy deserved.  I am so grateful for him-- his smile, his gentle manner, his funny little laugh.  He is growing into an active, yet thoughtful little guy.  I can't imagine our lives without him!
 His Soccer Ball cake.  We couldn't find black icing, so green had to do.  Lucas didn't mind.
 Make a wish!
 The cake was yummy!
We love you Lukey Boy!


Ashley said...

Lucas is the most precious little boy. I love those cheeks. Your trip looks like it was a blast. Smart thinking on going with another family...built in playmates.

Maria Rose said...

He is such a sweet guy!

P.S.The pensive gaze...ha ha ha!