Sunday, August 7, 2011

Western Vacation Recap:: Day Seven

On Day Seven, we had to say good-bye to Granny's house, our friends, and beautiful Colorado.  From here were were going to make the six hour drive north to the great state of South Dakota!  We were all excited to make the trip because none of us had ever been to So Dak (a nickname dubbed by my good friend Maria). 
With our van packed up and ready to go, we came in to say our good-byes. 
Thank you, Helen for allowing us to stay in your home, for making us breakfast and dinner each day, and for your wonderful hospitality.  We love you!
The Reutlingers and The Galloways
L to R: Parker, Reed, Eli, Nikki, Marlee, Leah, Me, Lucas, Mike and Hannah

By ten o'clock we were on the road again, and within an hour we had crossed the state line into Wyoming.  We drove through the capital of Cheyenne and then proceeded up the east side of the state for a few hours.  Near the border of South Dakota, we stopped at a rest stop that appeared like a mirage out of the flat, sparsely populated plains.  It was a nice place to stretch our legs and play a bit. 

Playing in the "middle of nowhere"
Sweet pic of Hannah and Lucas

We crossed into South Dakota and the flat plains soon turned into the rolling Black Hills covered in Evergreens.  What a lovely change of scenery it was!  I would compare the area to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.  After another hour or so, we stopped in the town of Custer, South Dakota for dinner.  Afterwards we walked the streets of the quaint, old town.  Finally, another hour later, we arrived at our destination-- Mount Rushmore.  The sun was just beginning its descent, so we pulled in and decided to take a few pictures.

So amazing to look at!
The purple evening haze enveloped us, the air was cool, and drops of rain fell on us as we gazed up at the four presidents.  Lucas was glad to be out of the car and we all took a deep breath, wishing my mom could be with us in that magic moment. 


affectioknit said...

What a lovely trip!

Maria Rose said...

So glad to see you enjoyed the faces.