Saturday, March 12, 2011

Zoo Day

The beautiful weather today was just begging for us to do something fun outside. So we rounded up the kids, picked up my dad, and headed to the Oklahoma City Zoo. Just yesterday the OKC Zoo opened a brand new, 9.5 acre, Elephant habitat. It's been a long time coming and we knew with the good weather combined with spring break and a new exhibit to see, it would be crowded. And we were right. However, we arrived only an hour before the zoo closed, which gave us just enough time to tour the Elephant Pavilion (which was awesome by the way!) and then head to the playground to run off some energy.
Papa with Lucas. Lucas loved the slide!
Hannah Monkey
Leah said she was on a spider web.
Not too sure about this swing
Fun day together! Just wish my mom was with us.
Afterwards we stopped to eat some pizza for dinner. The place we went had a few arcade games including Pac-Man and this driving game.
**Just in case my sister-in-law, Rachel, is reading this, Hannah picked Juan Pablo Montoya as her driver. I know our Juampa will be so proud! :)

Tonight we actually got all three kids bathed and asleep by 8:30. Which is a good thing since we set our clocks forward tonight. I'm glad next week is Spring Break so we can work on adjusting our internal clocks to the time change!

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Anonymous said...

Juan is going to be oh-so-very excited and proud to hear this!! He will then want to know where he can locate one of these games so he can go play! =)