Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hannah's Tooth

Yesterday was a very exciting day for our sweet Hannah Banana. She lost her first tooth! The funny thing is, the permanent tooth had already grown in behind it, but the baby tooth in front appeared fixed in place. She's been asking every day (sometimes two or three times a day) for me to "check and see if it is loose yet!" So far it hasn't budged. But last night while pushing some Barbies around in a pink, plastic Barbie Corvette, so lost her balance and her mouth/chin hit our stained concrete floor just hard enough to knock that stubborn baby tooth out!

She carefully placed her tooth in a bag and hid it under her pillow before she went to bed last night. Leah was very sad that she had nothing to put under her pillow, so we told her to draw a picture for the Tooth Fairy and see what happens. She drew the funniest picture of Hannah with a missing tooth and drops of blood coming down her chin. She titled the picture "Hannah Toof". It was awesome. Later, when the girls were sound asleep, the Tooth Fairy raided the change jar and gave each girl $2 and a nice note to go with it.

This morning they both came running and screaming into our bedroom saying, "She's real! The Tooth Fairy is real!" It was a lot of fun.

MOM UPDATE: Today was much like yesterday, so not much to report on. Mom is still using the ventilator to breathe, but they will try to wean her off tomorrow. Getting that out is a first step. Her heart sonogram results look good; the MRSA infection has not affected it. She was able to move from her bed to a recliner today (with help from a few nurses) which helped her feel less confined. And no more fever today! We are on the road to recovery again. Slowly, but surely we will get there.


Joe and Talsie said...

I was at gymnastics when I lots my first tooth. I remember it being such a big, exciting event. Congratulations to Hannah!

Also, I am glad to hear of the improvement in your mom's health. I felt a little anxious waiting for the update! We'll keep praying for her full recovery and your peace!

affectioknit said...

Sweet first tooth! I'm so glad your mom is improving...we're still praying...

Maria Rose said...

Awesome toof experience and I am SO GLAD to hear that your mother's fever is under control and that the MRSA is not hurting her heart! We are still praying here!