Friday, March 4, 2011

Movie Night

Following the routine of our usual Friday evenings, we rented a movie to watch as a family. Well, four of us watched, Lucas went to bed. I'll give you a few hints about the movie we picked tonight.
1. Don't expose them to direct sunlight
2. Don't give them water
3. And never, ever feed them after midnight

Yep, we rented an 80's classic
We had to fast forward through a few parts, but overall the girls thought it was pretty funny. Mike and I laughed a lot too. We had forgotten how utterly ridiculous this movie is. Who wouldn't laugh at crazy, alien-like puppets throwing popcorn in the movie theater?!

Happy Friday!


Maria Rose said...

Glad you're raising those girls on the classics!

P.S. My word verification is your last name!

Emily said...

That is CRAZY! If I get Wimmer as my next word verification something is definitely up. :)

Maria Rose said...

For sure!