Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Boy

Today was my wonderful husband's 35th birthday. It started off with the kids and I making him some breakfast and serving it to him in bed. Well, the girls helped while Lucas just watched and randomly shouted "Ball! Ball!" which is his favorite word. The girls also presented Mike with the homemade birthday cards they had secretly worked on the night before.
Leah spelled her words phonetically, so I will translate. It reads: "Sweet Dad You Are The Best Artist Daddy."

Later in the evening, our friend Jacquelyn came to babysit so we could go out on a date! Yay! We went to a place called Paseo Grill. We had heard good things about it, so we went to check it out. The ambiance was very cool. Dim lighting, dark, rich color scheme, and each booth or table was surrounded by by a gauzy curtain as to provide a little extra privacy. Oh so romantic. And our food was delicious too.

After our meal, we headed to the movie theater in the mall to see a movie of Mike's choice. And he chose....
Waiting for Battle Los Angeles to begin. It turned out to be pretty intense. Some cheesy dialogue, but still intense fighting scenes.

We were home by 11:15 and found a nice, clean quiet house with all the kids sound asleep. A big THANK YOU to Jacquelyn. She is awesome with our kiddos. I love that I got to celebrate with my best friend on his birthday.
Me showing off the mall at 11:00 pm.


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Ashley said...

35 years later and I still didn't remember his birthday. Happy birthday, Mike. Love the "Dade" spelling. So cute!