Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Trees

Last year we planted five trees in our backyard. Unfortunately, we bought fairly small trees so that we could fit that purchase into our budget. When we got the trees in the ground last spring, we stood back to admire our hard work only to realize that they looked more like twigs than trees, but they were trees none the less and destined to grow. About a month later, we had a crazy hail storm that ruined lots of roofs and trees in our area. Our poor newly planted Bradford Pears and Redbuds got pelted. The few leaves they had when we planted them were nearly all knocked off. Yet over the course of a scorching hot summer, we faithfully watered and cared for them. All winter long, I looked out at their skinny branches wondering if after all those little trees had been through, if they would ever blossom come springtime.

Well, here they are today.....
Leah and the Redbud
Bradford Pears blossoms
They bloomed!

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