Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This came home in Leah's folder today. Her teacher told me they had their first handwriting lesson today. I think Leah wrote pretty well! I love all of her exclamation points. What can I say, the girl really loves Spring.

I remember working on handwriting in school. I mainly remember it because I always struggled with it-- both print and cursive. Especially cursive. TRUE STORY: In the fourth grade I really wanted to be on the straight A honor roll. I so desperately wanted my name and picture in our small town's paper. I couldn't wait to see my parents' faces beaming with pride. I was mainly an A student, but with one or two B's mixed in. So I worked very hard to bring my math grade up to an A and tried my very best to also improve my cursive writing. I took my time and thought I had done it. When my report card came home I happily scanned all my subjects.
Reading: A
Social Studies: A
Science: A
Math: A
Language Arts: A
Handwriting: B
My handwriting grade was an 89.4. I was .6 away from having that coveted straight A report card!! My heart sunk. No photo in the paper for me. I have since recovered from this tragic moment in my history. And I have also come to accept my quirky, not-pretty handwriting. :)

And I'm also really thankful we live in a world where I can type just about anything!


k_stin said...

I have to comment on this because it is so similar to my story. We got S's and N's in elementary and the only N (not-satisfactory) I ever got was in Handwriting in 2nd grade. And as far as percentages go--that was my life story in high school and college. I was always a very small percentage away from reaching the goals I set in both places. Kind of sad, but I guess it didn't alter my life too horribly... :)

Maria Rose said...

Oh that is a sad story!