Monday, March 14, 2011


I met Heather in the fall of 1995. We were both 18 years old. We were both freshmen at Oklahoma Baptist University. And we were both randomly assigned rooms on the south end of the 2nd floor of the freshman girls' dormitory. We instantly hit it off like we had known each other our whole lives. Heather is smart, artistic, and a great listener. She was always up for an adventure! I have so many memories of those four years of school together! I remember vividly playing flag football together on our team Optimus Prime. Or taking our nightly walks to Braum's for a late-night cherry limeade. I also remember so many late night talks where we would share funny stories or dream about the future. I remember laughing until we cried when we took study breaks to sit and do a few Mad Libs. We were both a bit obsessed with music and shows and Anne of Green Gables. And we had many road trip adventures together: Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, and even Spain! We both started dating our future husbands during the fall of our sophomore year in college; we both got engaged during the fall of our senior year; and we both got married during the summer after we graduated. We sure went on lots of double dates over those years!
Fall 1995
Heather and I standing in my freshman dorm room after one of our late-night cherry limeaide walks to Braum's.
Spring 1996
Standing on the patio of Deem's Bean Scene-- our favorite college coffee hang-out venue.
Winter 1997
Silly dancing at a Fold Zandura show
Spring 1997
Double Dating! Dustin, Mike, Me, Heather
*I would like to point out that Mike and I got a good laugh out of this photo tonight because Mike looks like he is twelve years old and my eyebrows look like they've never met a pair of tweezers!
Spring 1999
Graduation Day! So many memories on Bison Hill.
Summer 2000
Heather and I at our friend (and other college roommate) Jennifer's wedding.

Of course Heather and I were both bridesmaids in each other's weddings which was really special. We had a lot of fun planning out dresses, colors, venues and cakes during the months leading up to our weddings After I got married, Mike and I stayed in Oklahoma. After Heather got married, she and her husband moved to Kansas City. Over these nearly twelve years of marriage, we've been able to visit each other often-- either us driving north or them driving south. In her pre-child years, Heather was an art teacher at in inner-city school in Kansas City while I taught middle school English in a suburb of Oklahoma City. Her oldest child and my oldest were all born the same year, while our youngest children were also born during the same year, just three months apart. It seems like all of our seasons in life have lined up side by side. And even though we are in different states, life has continued to march along together to a similar beat. I am so thankful for lifelong friendships. Friendships that have stood the test of time and have aged to such a deep, comfortable level. A level closer to sisterhood than friendship.
Me, Lucas, Heather, and Lily


dustin said...

What fun memories! It's neat to see how we've changed...and how adorable our handsome hubbies were! I'm craving an iced mocha. :)

Heather said...

Oops! That was me, not Dustin who made the comment on how adorable he and Mike were. :)


Emily said...

Haha! I thought it was Dusting until I read "handsome hubbies". I'm glad to know that was really you! :)

Emily said...

Good grief. I typed Dusting instead of Dustin. That reminds me of "Dustbin." Remember that??!