Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Dinner

Growing up my extended family on my mom's side got together once a month for "Family Dinner." At this time most of us lived in Oklahoma City, so we would rotate houses, eat a delicious meal, talk, play games, and celebrate anyone's birthday for the month. It was a time that I always looked forward to. My Grandma would be in the kitchen, apron on and hands busily working. My mom, her sister, and their sisters-in-law would be setting the tables and chatting away. My uncles and all of the cousins would usually be outside talking and playing.

As time has passed, our family dinners have occurred a little less frequently simply because some of us have moved and most of the cousins all have families or their own and different schedules to work around. And my Grandma is no longer here to celebrate with us as the matriarch of the bunch. But we still get together once every three months or so. Today was one of those days, and here is what our time together looked like.
Lucas deciding what to play with first.
Why, balls of course!
Relay races!
Best part of the day? My Mom got to come!!!
Cousin Steve acting silly

What a great, laid back, family day!


affectioknit said...

FUN! Family rocks!

Maria Rose said...

What a great tradition!