Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better Weather

We have had one of the mildest winters ever in our state's history.  I know it is not over yet, but once we get to March we are pretty much in the clear for bad weather.  And today, on this first day of March, it was 80 degrees!  This beautiful stretch of weather has been drawing us outside more and more, which is a place I love to be.  This past weekend, on another beautiful day, we took the kids to Pops for a little dinner and outdoor play time.
I've blogged about this place before, but it's worth a second mention.  Pops is located in Arcadia, Oklahoma on an original stretch of Route 66. Even though it sits on a historic stretch of road, Pops features a very modern, almost futuristic look.  And it's claim to fame is its enormous selection of soda pop!  The glass walls are lined with a rainbow of flavors to choose from.  I'm not much for sweet, syrupy soda, but it sure looks pretty.   
Here's a flavor I thought sounded interesting, "Honey Kola".
If that's not your thing, they have everything from strawberry to orange to pineapple to ginger.
Mike got a Chicago-style root beer while I opted for my favorite-- Coca-Cola Classic.  
While we waited for a table, we sat on the back porch, enjoying the mellow weather and watching our kids run around in the very large backyard filled with trees and picnic tables.  Pops has the best roasted peanuts.  Truly the perfect soda sidekick.
After dinner, we went to a nearby elementary school playground to continue our outdoor play.  The girls played on the equipment while Mike and I had a mean game of tether-ball.  Eventually Lucas pulled Mike out to a soccer field to kick a ball around.  I admit I continued to practice my tether-ball skills alone much like Napoleon Dynamite.  Embarrassing, but true.  

It was a wonderful day!

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