Monday, March 5, 2012

My Dad Is Funny

My dad with Leah, Hannah and Lucas at The Badlands in South Dakota
July 2011
My dad is funny.  Not only does he make me laugh, but funny things happen to him all the time.  Seriously.  He could write a book on all the strange and comical situations he gets himself into.  And sometimes the situations come to him!  Like the time he dropped me off at a friend's house and a drunk man wandered up and punched my dad in the face.  Or the time the city accused him of dumping trash and he had to go to court to prove his case.  Or the time he got pulled over for sneezing while driving.  Or even the time he lost his underwear in Washington D.C.  I kid you not, there is no shortage of funny dad stories!

This weekend, he added two more to his repertoire.  First let's examine Friday night.  The girls were having their first sleepover at PaPa's house in over sixteen months.  They used to stay over all the time before my mom went into the hospital. But since then, things have been too crazy to do that....until now.  They have really missed the fun times they have there, and they were especially excited to stay over.  I dropped them off at 6:00 and Dad took them to Luby's for dinner.  They love to pick out their own food, and my dad is a big cafeteria fan.  It was a win-win situation.  Afterwards, they headed home to watch the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie.  Around 8:30 my dad calls and I could hear the girls crying in the background.  He tells me that they are locked out of the house, that the girls are freaking out, Leah has fallen and busted her lip open, and he is going to bring them home.  A few minutes later they came walking through the door.  Leah was crying about her lip, which was bloody and swollen.  Hannah was crying because her sleepover was "ruined!".  I immediately go check every key ring in our house looking for a spare key for his house.  Dad was planning to go home and break out a window to get back inside.  At the last minute I found one random key that was not labeled and could not be identified.  So with little hope, Dad took it home to tried a last ditch effort to get inside.  About 9:00 he called again to say that we had in fact located a spare house key and he was safely inside with no broken window.  So I packed the girls up again and took them back to his house for a second time.  This time, they stayed and had a fun sleepover.  It wouldn't have been complete without a little drama.

The second funny story happened on Saturday.  Lucas and I met up with Dad and the girls at a park Saturday morning around 10:00.  We played and took a long walk, and by 11:30 I was heading home with all the kids. Dad, on the other hand, was heading down to Norman to go to an OU men's basketball game with his friend Sally.  After the game, Sally had invited my dad to a fancy dinner party honoring a member of the Norman Rotary Club (of which she is a devoted member).  The dinner was a suit and tie affair, while the basketball game was more casual.  So my dad took his suit with him and planned to change before the dinner.  When he arrived at Sally's house to change, he realized that he had forgotten to pack a dress shirt.  So what does he do?  He wore one of Sally's white shirts!  He said his tie covered the fact that the buttons were on the wrong side, and his coat covered up the feminine french cuffs.  He said thankfully it wasn't the "puffy shirt" from the infamous Seinfeld episode!

As he recounted his feminine shirt episode, I cracked up because it was a typical example of a situation only my dad would get himself into.  He certainly keeps us all laughing!


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Rachel said...

oh goodness!! what an adventurous sleep over!! =) I too loved going to Luby's to pick out my own food. Okay, I still like to go and it has been long overdue!! Maybe next time we're in town, we'll take the twins with us! =)

Tanda said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! I love your dad! And I think knowing him made me laugh even harder while reading this! It was great to see him on Sunday, please let him know will you?