Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zoo Day

Today was a zoo day.  Or otherwise known as "I have to get out of my house after six days of taking care of sick people" day!  Thankfully, we ALL woke up feeling great today.  No fevers.  No sore throats. The sky was blue, the clouds were puffy white, the sun was shining and the temps were just right to be outside.  The girls have been asking to see the new tiger cubs born not too long ago at the Oklahoma City Zoo, so we headed there this afternoon ready to play and see what we could see.

 I am in love with springtime right now.  Here's a beautiful Redbud tree in the Oklahoma Trails section of the zoo.  I love this area which features animals native to Oklahoma in their natural habitats.  Bear, coyotes, mountain lions, foxes, bison, and prairie dogs are all among the animals we saw today.  And my kids always love going into the big red barn to see the nocturnal animals like bats and owls and skunks.
 Lucas was obsessed with all the waterfalls in this area.  He requested his picture by this one and I happily obliged.  Notice he got his hair cut this morning?  So handsome.
 After we finished at the Trails, we went to see the Tiger mama and her four adorable tiger cubs.  The sky had turned overcast and the air was a bit cooler at this point which the animals love.  The cubs were running and jumping and pouncing on their mom.  It was pretty cool to watch.  Afterwards, we went to the Lion Overlook, but didn't see any real lions out and about.  We settled for the bronze ones instead.

We finished up our visit with a long stretch at the wonderful outdoor playground.  The sky was looking quite ominous at this point, and the zoo was getting ready to close for the day.  The kids got in a few more minutes of outdoor fun before we left.  We were there for nearly two hours and only toured two areas.  There is just so much to see!  

Just as we were a few steps away from our van, big, cold raindrops started beating down on our heads.  We were just in time!  All three kids dozed on the way home, worn out after six days with little strenuous activity. It felt good to be outside, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying our spring break for change!

What did you do today?


Jacquelyn said...

So glad you guys are feeling better!! I thought Lucas's shirt just said "Baller" on it and it made me laugh.

I got to eat lunch at Saturn Grill with my boy, then play with puppies at work, followed by a cereal (gluten free!) party for March birthdays, finished with gluten free mac and cheese at Elyse's. So, you know, pretty good day all around. :)

Hello There Tracy:) said...

What did I do today?
I woke up to a fresh brewed cup of coffee Juan made me and after drinking 1/2 of it realized that today is the day I am fasting with River for a friend who is having serious brain surgery. hmpf. Oh well. Went to the Relief Base to meet up with an old friend and say hi to the staff. Drove all over Elizabeth, Union looking for a house to rent for the girls on staff. Worked out at the gym and watched Braveheart and old fav. while working my gut off. Spent 1 1/2 hours scanning pictures at cvs for Hailey as she is doing a scrap book. Got my hair blown out for a dinner meeting tonight. Walked a mile loop with some girlfriends and picked up the kids from school. Got Corban's hair cut, my gross nails done, again for tonight's meeting. Took Connor to TaeKwonDo for his belt test - big deal and held my breath the whole time. Looked at some potential rentals for the staff girls in Cranford with Juan and then had a dinner meeting at The Garlic Rose, had a salad since I am gluten free - mostly anyways. Came home to Connor who made glasses, a tie and a mustache out of duct tape, stories of River's wild day and Corban read for bed - he loves to sleep. Thanks for asking :)

affectioknit said...

Scout loves the zoo too...

Have a lovely day!

Ashley said...

This weather has been making me nuts. I can't imagine having sick kids and a sick self. Yea for the zoo! Grant loved the waterfalls too. Glad you all are on the mend!