Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome February!

View out the front door
View out the back door

Well February blew in with some gusto early this morning. We woke up to eight inches of the fluffy white stuff with more to come all day. We may actually reach one foot which for us is a big deal. Oklahoma City is pretty much shut down for the day, and we don't plan on going anywhere. I am hoping my sick kiddos will recover while they are out of school today (and probably tomorrow). I'm going to do some light cleaning and laundry, but my real projects today are reading, some needlepoint and some writing. Of course, these will be mixed in between playing with kids and making meals throughout the day too. Busy, but good. And maybe I'll even get to sneak in a nap somewhere today. Just maybe.

February brings to mind lots of things. My birthday, Valentine's day, and my parents' anniversary just to name a few. But it also means that the last full month of winter is here. In Oklahoma, we rarely get snow in March. We've had a few freak snow storms in the first week or two, but by the end of March you can see signs of spring and some warmer weather for sure. For that reason, I am thankful that February is the shortest month of the year.

So, dear February, I will embrace you and appreciate you while you are here. Make yourself at home for awhile.


affectioknit said...

Have fun with your snow and stay warm!

Jacquelyn said...

ah, the last month before spring! I like that! We're so lucky to be born in Feb. I've always loved that it's the month with the special amount of days. And really, who thinks of February and doesn't think of love? Crazy people. Hateful people. I love February.

(and I wish I had your dance video game! I think donna and ed would be really good at it.)

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, Ed and Donna doing Dance Central? I LOVE it!

And forgive me for not mentioning that February is YOUR birthday too!