Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Leah and her Lovebug
Hannah at her Valentine's Day party this afternoon
Sisters playing with a Valentine gift from Daddy

Valentine's Day is a fairly low key event in our house. It's not that we have anything against the holiday, but we don't like to spend lots of money on things that we don't really need in an attempt to say "I love you." Don't get me wrong, I would never begrudge a bouquet of roses or some delicious chocolate. Instead we do things like make homemade Valentine's Day cards, have a meal together, give a small gift to the kids, and make a point to tell each other why we love each other.

Mike and I did have some special Valentine's Day celebrations in the past, however. I remember one year when we were dating, we dressed up in our fancy duds and went to see the Oklahoma City Ballet's performance of Dracula. Another time, in our dating years, Mike took me to a very swank restaurant at the top of a tall building with 360 views of the city. The restaurant slowly spun in a circle as we ate. It was quite romantic. My favorite Valentine's Day, though, was in 2000. It was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple and we waited until the day of to try to make a reservation at a few nice restaurants in the area. Of course, everything was booked, so Mike went to pick up a pizza instead. While he was gone, I spread out a tablecloth on the floor of our small apartment, got our our nice china (that we received as wedding gifts, but had yet to actually use) and lit several candles in the room for ambiance. I remember we sat eating our pizza just as happy and content as if we were in some expensive restaurant.

What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day memories?


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We had a lovely day this year. Nice family night in, but we dressed up!