Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cabin Fever Fix

After a week of being snowed in and sick, the kids were definitely ready to get out and run off some energy. Tonight we had the perfect opportunity at our friends' daughter's birthday party at a local gymnastics studio. I didn't take my good camera, so pardon the camera phone pics. I think you will see that they had a blast.
Lucas in the foam pit. He liked it for awhile, then cried because he couldn't get himself out.
Hannah swinging on the trapeze like the sweet little monkey that she is.
Hannah, Leah and the birthday girl swinging in a triple swing. I secretly wanted to get in there and swing too.
Lucas found this ball, laid himself down, and spent a great deal of time just kicking it with his feet.
Funny boy. :)
Hannah climbing up the slide.

Even though I am on the tail end of being sick, it was good for the kids to get out and play. What did you all do this Saturday?

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Jacquelyn said...

I waited for 6 hours to meet the Pioneer Woman, then had to leave at the last minute to get to LC.

:( :( :(

Good call not coming. Miss you!