Thursday, February 3, 2011


The Stats
What: Me being born
When: February 3, 1977 at 12:48 PM
Where: Wichita Falls General Hospital (Wichita Falls, Texas)
I weighed 7 lbs. 7oz. and came out with a head full of crazy black hair that stuck straight up in the air. My dad said I looked like my Grandma Pearl (his mother). Three days later, on February 6th, my parents took me home on their 7th wedding anniversary. They said I was the best anniversary present they ever got. I'd say they are two of the best gifts I ever received, so we are even.

Me at age five.
I tried to find a baby picture, but I guess they are all at my parents' house!

Today was a very calm birthday. I've been sick all day (boo), so I've spent the day resting and just hanging out with my little family. Mike did a great job letting me take it easy while he kept the kids entertained. Recently we got a new office chair, so he took the large box that the chair came in, emptied it of all the packing material, and let the girls build a house/fort. They had a great time. Later in the afternoon, when my ibuprofen had kicked in, the girls helped me make my birthday cake. I used this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Who can go wrong with pineapple and orange cake? Yum! Later, Mike braved the yucky weather to go to a local Mexican restaurant to bring home some dinner since our original plan to go out to dinner didn't pan out. My dad joined us for dinner too, and they all sang happy birthday to me. I wouldn't want to celebrate with anyone else! I just wish my mom could have come too.
Me and the three best gifts I could ask for!
I considered putting make-up on before this photo, but decided that since I'm sick, I'd just keep it real.

Year 34-- bring it on!


Maria Rose said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! Sorry you were sick, but so glad you were born!
P.S. I see your little ladies in that picture of you!

affectioknit said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Greta S. said...

Happy belated birthday...mine was Feb 6 (1977) Happy 34th! Nice blog, btw!

Emily said...

Thank you, Greta! You were born the day I came home from the hospital. :)