Friday, November 8, 2013

My Family, by Lucas

This drawing is Dad, Mom (I'm upside down), Hannah, Leah, Lucas (also upside down), Papa (my dad) and Sally (my stepmom). Done by Lucas, May 2013.

Lucas has finally started drawing. His sisters have always loved drawing, coloring, painting, etc. From the earliest I can remember (maybe age 2?) they have been able to occupy themselves with any creative endeavor. But my boy? He has always just been too busy and active to sit still enough to color a picture. Until recently. Out of the blue, he has been asking for markers and paper. He will draw several pictures in one sitting, concentrating hard on each one. It really all started at the beginning of the summer, but has picked up speed throughout the fall. During this time, I've noticed two things: 1. We for sure have another lefty (Hannah is also left handed) and 2. His favorite subject is our family. Sometimes he draws just the five of us and other times he includes Gram and Doo Dad or Papa and Sally. And even still, our cats, Ellie and Tundra. Sometimes he draws me in blue because I'm the only one in our family with blue eyes. Sometimes he draws daddy super big because he says, "Daddy is the tallest like the Iron Giant." He always draws himself the smallest of the bunch because he says he's the baby of the family. Although if you were to ask him if he is a baby, his answer would be an emphatic no. He is most certainly a big boy with many super powers to boot.

These first drawing are so precious to me. Not just because they all start off looking the same (circle body, dots for eyes, maybe a smile, and arms and legs sticking straight out). But because they show that he is figuring out his place in this family of five. His own, special, loved place. I hope he always knows how much his family loves him too.

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Sarah Purdy said...

I love this! What a sweetie. The first pictures are definitely so precious.