Saturday, November 30, 2013

In Words and Pictures

There has been a lot of activity at our place over the last ten days or so. I'll have to write in more detail later. For now, here's a list of words and pictures to explain it all:

1. We got a puppy! Meet Roxie Galloway, the Wonder Boxer. She is 7 weeks old, sweet, loves to snuggle and play. And pee and poo. It's what puppies do. Our kids are over the moon bonkers about her!

2. I got a sinus infection. Sick for a week and then started antibiotics. Feeling better now thankfully!
3. Mike's parents and 91 year old grandmother came from New Jersey to visit and have Thanksgiving with us.

4. Our 14 year old dryer bit the dust. Our matching washer had been overflowing and starting to rust, so hallelujah we got a new set! Our old dryer was taking nearly two hours to dry an average sized load. And anyone with kids knows that the amount of laundry they produce is astounding. It was getting old fast.  I think I heard angels singing when I finished my first load with these bad boys.

5. Leah got an award at school for showing a giving spirit to her classmates. Love that girl. She really is a little sunshine. 

6. We had an awesome Thanksgiving at our house. Lots of food, beautiful weather and family. It was really wonderful. 

With all this going on I have been away from the computer. Once things settle back into a normal routine next week, I'll be back. Hope you all have been doing well! :)

Oh and here's a few more Roxie pics for your viewing pleasure. 


Sarah Purdy said...

Roxie looks like a total sweetie! Glad your life is crazy hectic and wonderful!

Hello There Tracy:) said...

I am trying SO HARD not to covet your new washer and dryer! Yay! So happy for you. Love all of your wonderful pictures. Your family is the bomb :)