Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween and a School Musical

This week has been B-U-S to the Y! On top of our normal weekly routines, the girls had their 3rd grade school musical and of course we had Halloween too. Our evenings seemed to be completely full. But they were full of sweet singing kids, celebrating with grandparents, dressing up in costumes and lots and lots of candy, so who can complain really? 
(Leah is the last pirate on the right. Just above and to the left of the gray headed guy in my picture)
The girls' musical was called "Pirates!" It was very cute. They got to use big words like "avast!" and "swashbuckling" and "buccaneer." Leah had a starring role as "Brownbeard" and had several lines to perform. She was also in the "chorus of no-beards" which performed two songs/dances together. Hannah didn't have any lines, but she did an awesome job singing her little heart out and performing all the motions. I loved it! 

Me and my two pirate girls after the show. 
What is a female pirate? A piratess? 

Two days later it was Halloween. So what does this frugal mom do? She says, "You will be wearing your pirate costumes again because I just bought them for your school play!" Hence, the pirate costumes made a reprise. Lucas, however, after 364 days of deliberation decided to be The Flash for Halloween. This kid LOVES superheroes, just like his Daddy did. He really likes The Flash because he can run super fast and Lucas prides himself in his fast running skills. And I thought this costume was just so gosh darn cute on him!

Ready to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood! I can't even tell you how hard it was to get Lucas to stand still for this picture. The kid was super pumped.

Here they are heading up to my good friend and across-the-street neighbor's house. Kristine always puts out fun decorations and the kids love it. And then they promptly complain that we don't have any and that this is a great tragedy in their lives. I promise I'll put out a pumpkin or two next year guys!
After this house, I headed home to take on my duty as candy-passer-outer seriously. Mike and my dad walked the neighborhood with the kids and they came back with quite a haul. This weekend we'll be going through the bags when the kids aren't looking and eating  throwing most of it away.
I just want the Kit Kats. And Twixes. And Mr. Goodbars. And maybe a few Snickers. Or Milk Duds.
If I weigh 400 pounds next week you'll know why.

Hope you had a safe and happy Halloween!

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Sue said...

Your kids looked adorable!