Friday, November 15, 2013

Family Fun Night

Last night I took Hannah and Lucas up to the church where Lucas attends school for their Family Fun Night. It was a combination of games and bounce houses along with a silent auction to raise money for new playground equipment. Leah couldn't attend because she has gymnastics on Thursday evenings, so Mike went with her and took her out on a dinner date afterwards. 

Lucas was super stoked to go up to his school and show Hannah and I his classroom, introduce us to his friends and show us around his "hood". 

First we hit up the auction tables. I actually bid on three things, but got out bid on all of them. I sort of felt my competitive nature rising up, but I let it go. Mike would have killed me if I become involved in a bidding war and ended up spending $500 on a basket of kitchen gadgets. 
One of the items I bid on: a Family Game Night basket. I am still a little bitter about not getting it. 

After that we ate dinner, played a few games, then got in line for some face painting and balloon animals. The guy making the balloons was a lot of fun to watch. He had obviously been practicing his craft for awhile. We ended up with a dinosaur, a poodle, a horse and two bow & arrow sets. All but one of those things have since popped, but they were fun while they lasted! Next up was the face painting. It was a big decision, but here's what we ended up with. 
Lucas the Dinosaur (note: green make up does not wash off easily. After several scrubbings, he still looked a little like he was jaundiced.)
And my beautiful Hannah the Butterfly. She loved it and did NOT want to wash it off later. 

We ended the night with a long stretch at the bounce house flowed by a thirty minute volunteer slot at one of the games. We got home in time to hang out with Mike and Leah before getting everyone in bed. 

Just another busy, but fun night here in the Galloway House!


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Ashley said...

Whomever did tha face painting is awesome! Grant would love Lucas's mask.

Sarah Purdy said...

I love that game night basket idea! Hmm...might make a good Christmas gift for a family! The face painting was awesome! I wouldn't want to wash that off either.