Friday, August 16, 2013

Third Grade

Here are my beautiful, funny, smart 3rd grade girls on their first day of school. The morning went smoothly even though I didn't sleep well the night before. My brain kept thinking of all I had to do in the morning to get them ready. I was dreading it. But then morning came and all my worrying was for nothing (as it usually is). I heard my alarm, the girls got up and got dressed without complaint. Breakfast was eaten and lunches packed. Even Lucas was easy for me and got ready quickly. We had time to take a few pictures and we got to school15 minutes early. Lucas and I walked the girls to class and the acted like, "We got this, Mom!" I am so proud of my big girls. And the report at the end of the day was two (or should I say four?) thumbs up. Hannah said, "It was good to be playing at the old playground again." And Leah told me, "We did so much fun stuff I don't know where to start." Here's to another great year at Deer Creek Elementary!
                           Silly shot
                  In front of their school


Maria Rose said...

They are just growing so fast!

affectioknit said...

WOW! Congratulations! Such big kids!

~Have a lovely day!