Monday, August 19, 2013

A Glimpse Into His Personality

*First off, let me update you on my boy's health status:  Today he is much improved! In addition to the nasty stomach virus he picked up, he also developed pink eye! I do think he brought every possible germ home from the pediatrician's office! We started him on some antibiotic eye drops last night and by this evening, his eyes were looking much better. And so far no one else has contracted either the throw-ups or pink eye. It's a miracle! The only lingering effects from his sick weekend are his lack of appetite and low energy. These go hand-in-hand, really. I know after I've had a round of the stomach flu it takes a while to build back up to my normal eating habits. He starts Pre-K on Thursday, so he's got a few more days to rest and recover!

Now, on to the topic of my post. Since the girls were in school today, Lucas and I spent the entire day just hanging out at home. I wanted to give him as much R&R as possible, so we kicked back on the couch reading books, watching movies, and playing games. One thing I've come to know about my boy is that he is happiest around other people. He does not like to play alone. Sometimes this drives me crazy-- like when I need to get something done and I try to encourage him to go to his room to play with his train table or dinosaurs. My girls were good about independent creative play, but Lucas just isn't interested. He wants someone to play with him every time.  However, Lucas is most content when he is helping. His face lights up and he is as happy as a little clam when you recruit him as your helper. With Mike, he loves to help clean out the garage, put together a new toy, or wash the car. With me, he loves to help water the flowers, make the bed (he is a pro at putting the pillows on) or unload the dishwasher. But his very most favorite thing to help with is cooking. He has always shown a real interest in both cooking and baking, which I love.

This morning, I turned the TV on and up popped an episode of Barefoot Contessa. Ina Garten was making a delicious-looking flourless cake with a fresh raspberry sauce. Lucas sat transfixed as he watched her put the cake together and then take a bite of the finished product.

"I want to make that cake, Mom! Can we make that cake today?"

"Let me look at the recipe, Bud. Maybe after your nap, okay?"

Later in the afternoon, when he woke up from a short hour long nap, the first words out of his mouth as he came around the corner from his bedroom were, "Did you find the recipe, Mom? Can we make that cake now?" Honestly, I had forgotten about it, so I took him to the computer and we sat down and researched "flourless cake recipes." We finally found one for which I already had all the ingredients and off we went to the kitchen.

After a thorough hand-washing, we got started. He intently measured, poured, stirred and mixed all the ingredients with just a little guidance and direction from me. Which, by the way, flourless chocolate cakes are really pretty easy. Who knew?! When the girls walked in the door after school, they were met with the heavenly aroma of chocolate cake baking in the oven. Lucas proudly told them, "I made a delicious cake today!"

Once the cake was out of the pan and completely cooled, we made a simple chocolate glaze to go on top. Unfortunately, I had no fresh raspberries (or strawberries or any other kind of berry), but he was still very pleased with the finished product.

We ate the very decadent, rich cake for dessert tonight and it was SO good. But here's the funny thing. Lucas isn't a big sweets guy, and he didn't even want any! He was happy enough to simply be a part of making something that he knew his family would enjoy. It was the process he loved-- spending time with me and seeing his family appreciate the fruits of his labor. What a thoughtful little guy he is! I thought today proved to be an interesting glimpse into his ever developing personality. I think I'll keep him.


Ashley said...

What a sweet little boy. So thoughtful. I'm glad he's recovering. Give him a hug from us and tell him to have a great first day of school.

Maria Rose said...

So sweet!

Sarah Purdy said...

What a sweet man you're raising! Maybe he'll become a pastry chef. I have an intense craving for flourless chocolate cake....